Zion Royal is proud to announce the launch of their NFT game, Farmers Flip!

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3 min readFeb 27, 2023


Zion Royal Launches New NFT Game this week: Farmers Flip!

This interactive, automated flip game is designed to function seamlessly with Wallet Connect on the Zion Royal Dapp, with live status updates provided to the Zion community via Telegram.

official farmers flip welcome screen

The purpose of the Farmers Flip game is twofold: to decrease the total supply of T1 NFTs and increase the supply of T2 explorers for upcoming events and access to higher tier staking pools. With a winning ratio of 45/55, players have the opportunity to win higher tier NFTs by using a farmer NFT from the Zion Lion collection. There is even a chance to mint Zion Lions from supply and use them in the Farmers Flip game for a chance to win an Explorer NFT!

In this article, we’ll explore the five main benefits of the Farmers Flip game. From community involvement to increased rewards and the potential for a larger marketplace, we’ll delve into the many exciting aspects of this new NFT game. So, grab your Rasta tokens and let’s get flipping with Farmers Flip!

official farmers flip loading screen

6 key Benefits to the Farmers Flip

  1. Community Engagement: Farmers Flip is designed to foster a sense of community and engagement among Zion Royal users. Live status updates via Telegram will keep players up-to-date and create a more interactive experience
  2. Larger Marketplace: The increase in explorers on the marketplace will provide more opportunities for participation in upcoming games and events, including the new Explorer Interactive PVP blockchain game.
  3. Increased Rewards: The Farmers Pool rewards will increase as more farmers are taken out of supply, creating more opportunities for users to stake, buy Zion and participate in the high APR Explorer Adventure Pool.
  4. Next Explorer Game: The next Explorer Game will offer a grand prize pot and will involve explorers’ life line, featuring interactive PVP and Rasta buy-ins.
  5. Zion Royal Dapp Interaction: By playing the Farmers Flip game, users will have the chance to explore the Zion Royal Dapp and all of its new features and updates.
  6. $Zion Token: offers exclusive explorer NFT staking pools as a main incentive for users to purchase and stake their tokens. By staking the $Zion token, users can earn higher rewards and APRs compared to traditional cryptocurrency staking, leading to passive income generation and contributing to the growth of the Zion Royal ecosystem.
official farmers flip lose screen

All in all, Farmers Flip is an exciting new addition to the world of NFT gaming, providing a unique opportunity for players to engage with the Zion Royal community and explore the many benefits of staking and using $Zion tokens. From the chance to win higher tier NFTs to the potential for increased rewards and marketplace participation, Farmers Flip has something to offer everyone.

official farmers flip win screen

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun and start flipping with Farmers Flip this week! And don’t forget to stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and games in the world of Zion Royal NFTs.



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