Zion Royals’ Latest Staking Pools for Zion Explorer NFTs: Unlocking Exciting Rewards and Community Engagement

Zion Royal
3 min readFeb 28, 2023


Lock up your Zion Explorer NFTs for even greater rewards

Zion Royal, a leading developer of block chain-based solutions is proud to announce the release of its latest staking pools for Zion Explorer NFTs. The new V3.1 staking pools offer a range of benefits for NFT holders, including the ability to earn great rewards while Zion continues to build their state of the art platform

Zion Lions NFTs are eligible for staking across four different tiers, with a native stake weight of 0.18 BNB.

The T2 Explorer staking pool is the latest addition to this lineup, featuring a 30-day lock timer for the staked T2 explorer NFT.

Once the 30-day timer has expired, all your NFTs will be un-stake-able, meaning holders will need to re-stake all their Explorer NFTs in order to continue earning rewards or alternatively you can keep them in the harvesting pool for months or years. The potential benefits of participating in this staking pool are significant, including the chance to earn high APR rewards in a single NFT staking pool.

Overall, the Zion Royal V3.1 staking pools are a great way for NFT holders to engage with the Zion Royal community, earn rewards, and help support the ongoing development of this exciting platform. Whether you’re a seasoned NFT investor or a newcomer to the world of block chain-based assets, Zion Royal staking pools offer an accessible and rewarding way to get involved.

Top 4 benefits from the new 3.1 staking pool

  1. Earn daily rewards: Staking your NFTs can earn you daily rewards in the form of tokens, which can be claimed and reinvested into other pools for even greater rewards. This incentivizes long-term holding and can help boost your overall return on investment.
  2. Boost NFT value: Staking NFTs can help increase their value over time by reducing the supply of NFTs available on the market. With fewer NFTs available for purchase, demand can increase, driving up the price of the NFT. This can lead to a greater return on investment for stakers and create a more stable market.
  3. Reduce market volatility: Staking Zion Lion NFTs can help reduce volatility in the market by encouraging holders to keep their NFTs locked up for longer periods of time. This can prevent sudden sell-offs or price crashes that can occur when large numbers of NFT holders sell their tokens simultaneously. By incentivizing long-term holding, staking can help create a more stable and predictable market for NFTs.
  4. Community building: Staking NFTs can provide an opportunity for holders to engage with the community and participate in social events, including the new Explorer game. This can create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among NFT holders, which can strengthen the community and increase the overall value of the Zion project. By building a strong and engaged community, Zion Royal can attract more investors and contribute to the long-term growth and success of the platform.

Staking your NFTs is about much more than just earning rewards — it’s about building a stronger and more connected community. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of something truly special — start staking your Zion Explorer NFTs today!



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